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MYND Control is now available

as an AUDIOBOOK on Amazon!

The cover of my second book, MYND Control.

When a new phone app does more than just send you ads, programmer Vega Swift must make a choice — save herself or save the world.


Centered around the disturbing world of neuro-marketing and the personal invasion of real-time advertising, MYND Control provides a glimpse into the near future and what might be coming soon to your smart phone and tablet.


Mobile application programmer, Vega Swift, is struggling to care for herself and her ailing mother, stricken with early-onset Alzheimer’s. When the company she works for gets bought by neuro-marketing giant, Neilmann Corporation, her life is turned upside down. Soon, she discovers their new EEG headband does more than just read your brain waves, but no one believes her claims. Despite threats to her life and her job, and continuing battles with her mother’s health, she relentlessly searches for the truth before more people die.

A thought-provoking thriller in the vein of the futuristic technologies of Michael Crichton merged with the intensity of a Robin Cook medical mystery, MYND Control will make you never want to use your smartphone again.

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