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Teresa Widdowson

Picture of self-published author, Teresa Widdowson.

Teresa Widdowson is a self-published author who currently lives in Redmond, Washington. She is an avid mystery reader, but loves mixing it up with different genres. With the publishing of The RH Factor in 2021, she fulfilled her life-long dream of writing and publishing a novel. The completion of MYND Control continues her writing adventure, combining her love of medical and technological thrillers and mysteries.


She made her living as a computer programmer and high-tech sales rep but eventually refocused her career and completed a Masters in Digital Cinema. Leaving the corporate world behind, she worked as a TV producer, teacher and short film writer and director.


Even though she’s now retired, her other numerous passions sometimes make it hard to find the time to write. But she plans to continue her quest to get her stories out to the world. When she’s not writing, she can be found journaling, making music, creating colorful paintings, sewing clothes, hiking or playing with her fountain pens.

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