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It's Book Release Day!

Updated: Mar 3

It’s book release day! Yay! After multiple edit passes, counting the days while the U.S. Copyright Office approved my request, and waiting for Amazon KDP to approve it and make it public, my new book, MYND Control, is available for purchase!

Right now, the book is available in ebook or paperback format. I hope one day to have an audio book version. But I am a self-published author with a small budget and creating an audiobook is a time-consuming, expensive undertaking, so…we shall see.

I am so excited (and I admit, a little bit nervous) to hear what people think about my new book. It’s like showing my baby to the world for the first time and hoping people don’t think she’s ugly. In case you haven’t read the synopsis on the main page of this website, the story is about a mobile apps programmer, Vega Swift, who is doing the best she can to take care of herself and her mother who is struggling with early-onset Alzheimer’s. In the midst of her already stressful life, the company she works for, ThinkShop, is bought by neuro-marketing giant, Neilmann Corporation.

And that’s when the adventure really begins.

MYND Control blends a lot of my favorite themes: mystery, fictional medicine and technology, and murder! Like my first book, The RH Factor, the story is also set in the Pacific Northwest. I hope these familiar backdrops help residents of the area immerse themselves even further into the story. And for those of you who do not already live here, I hope you get a feel for what it’s like to live in this rainy but beautiful region of the world.

This book was a long time coming. Years of writing, getting side-tracked with life, procrastinating and then more writing, while my ideas had a hard time keeping up with the advancements in neurology, smart devices and mobile applications. I had a lot of fun doing the huge amount of research required to ensure MYND Control was as believable as possible. I spent more time than necessary diving down interesting but irrelevant rabbit holes while searching for medical and technological information relevant to Alzheimer’s, neurology, neuromarketing and smart device capabilities.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to my email list so you can get updates on my next book as it progresses through from the draft stage to completion. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’m already excited about it even though it is still in the brainstorming stage. As of this moment in time, I’ve decided to put it back in the world of Pax and Regina—the main characters created in my first book, The RH Factor. But I can’t make promises yet. It is way too early in the book’s life to be sure about everything. Oh, and surprise, surprise, the story revolves around another interesting medical theme mingled with murder!

When you finish reading MYND Control, I hope you will give it a rating and also please write a review on Amazon (and Goodreads if you are a member there). It REALLY helps my ratings and ensures other people can discover my book!

Thank you in advance for all your support! I hope you enjoy my latest book!

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Unknown member
Jan 02

Congratulations, Teresa!! So happy for you that your book is finally out in the world. Can’t wait to read it!!


Jan 02


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